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Why You Are a Starving Artist

April 21, 2017

You are a starving artist because you are too focused on the talent. You need a large marketing budget.

Breakdown of artist funding:

While each recording deal is different, there are common areas of investment that usually feature, particularly in an agreement involving emerging artists. These are the payment of an advance, the funding of a recording, music video production, tour support and promotional costs. It can cost between $500,000 and $2,000,000 to break an artist in a major recorded music market.

In my opinion, marketing budgets for artists should be allocated in this manner:

  • 50% PR: hire top notch writers/media personalities to write about your band. This will induce virality/word of mouth. Better if these writers are affiliated with any top music blogs/magazines so it's easier to capture audience.
  • 30% Digital Assets: Invest on a website and premium accounts of music streaming services. By doing so, you'll be able to build a more legitimate online image. Of course, if these PR people are to write about you, it's better that they have a drive-to-site call to action so your potential audience will instantly have an access to your songs.
  • 20% Online Paid Advertisement: the marketing funnel dictates that building awareness is the first step to any successful product launch. For your artist you can do this through paid advertisements in top social media accounts. I'm still an advocate of Facebook and Twitter advertising as they are able to help you cherry-pick and detail to which specific audience you want to show your ads. By doing this, you know you're only placing it in news feeds of people who have a high likelihood of clicking and converting. But the key thing here is you do not want to drown in a sea of ads. It is then important that (a) your content should both stand out by making it more multi-media and interactive, (b) yet it should still blend in their newsfeeds to avoid seeming like a hard-sell, (c) you know your audience very very well. Know where most of them live, which artists they also listen to so you'll pop in the suggested pages.

These are just top of mind ideas. Hope it helps.

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